ruby feathers

jewelry and accessories feathers, eco-friendly

sigourney burrell is a young canadian, ultra dynamic and easy-going graduate of fine arts from the university of manitoba. following a stay in montreal where she became passionate about the world of feathers, she launched the brand in 2009 "ruby feathers". designing jewelry with her artistic common goal : to respect and be close to nature. feathers are used to create these unique pieces which come from hunters or farmers, each carefully selected and then sterilized tinted or used in its original color. exotic feathers come from moulting bird aviaries "sometimes we just have to bend down and reach out to harvest what nature gives us." her leather accessories come from scraps, from a reupholster in winnipeg and surgical steel, is the first metal chosen for the sigourney jewelry due to its hypoallergenic qualities (fasteners can also be made in gold or silver on request).