leetal kalmanson

designed by leetal kalmanson

leetal has always been inspired by fashion and design. after studying graphic design at the university of philadelphia (usa), she embarked on a career as a web designer. after a few years teaching in her profession, she decided to create her own jewelry brand, by using knowledge acquired in fashion and design. she began from working at home then quickly transformed her dream into a real "success story" because the designs are now selling all over the world in the most fashionable boutiques. leetal kalmanson had only a few years, with a rapid expansion, to become a recognized brand in the world of jewelry. all designs are hand-made with high quality materials (unique bohemian (european) crystal stones, swarovski components...) the success of the brand is a revolutionary concept, it’s extraordinary color combinations, designs and materials that make bracelets, earrings and necklaces unique.